Why Are High Schools Losing Their Art Programs

If you remember really enjoying taking art classes and participating in art clubs and events in high school, you might be sad to know that a lot of high schools all over the country are beginning to lose their art programs. One thing that you might be wondering, however, is why.

There are a few reasons why schools are taking their art programs out. First of all, a lot of schools are on tight budgets and are cutting extracurricular activities, such as art programs, from their budgets completely. A lot of schools have also noticed Read more…

Performing Arts School Versus a Four Year College

Education for Performing Artists
It’s important to know the difference between performing arts school curriculum and curriculum for performing artists in a four year college. A performing arts school places focus on performing. A four year college for performing arts is better suited to those who plan to become performing arts teachers. A performing arts school begins from the first year of classes to train musicians, dancers, actors and vocalists by allowing them to perform in competitions.Get more information here. July 2013

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